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*has drugged Reg's food and forces beer down his throat while he sleeps* YOU NEVER WANTED TO GET A BEER WITH ME, DID YOU? ALL YOU WANTED TO DO WAS SIT AND READ! BUT NOW LOOK! WE'RE DRINKING, REG! TOGETHER! *drinks beer with Stanley* You're a man now, Stanley. A man. Mommy would be proud. *sobs into beer*

*stands beside Reginus and takes a bite of his sandwich* No, I don't know who the person fighting them was yet, but I do know Sebastian was injured and then someone else stepped in. I managed to snap some pictures, but it was dark so the dark haired fighter doesn't show up very well. Convenient, huh? *offers half his sandwich* I'm working on it.

Sorry I'm late. Here's the report. *drops an envelope on Reginus' desk* Something pressing came up. It won't happen again.

*after getting Lesto cleaned up don't ask me how they did that, puts him down gently on his cot and places some warm clothes out for him to sleep in because his are kind of bloody and stuff and leaves so he can change, coming back when he's done* I'll make some tea. I only drink it as a last resort because I'm not very fond of it, but it's chamomile, so I think it'll help. *plops himself on the floor and starts fiddling with a portable griddle thing, glancing over at him* 

*freezes and puts a hand in front of Nero to stop him when he feels the same unnatural pressure, whipping around and putting a gun right between Kal's eyes* Hands out of your pockets. Now.

*sits on the edge of the bunker bed and rubs the small of his back before leaning over to untie his boots, not looking away from his task when there's a knock at the door* Come in.

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*sighs at his desk, looking at the papers before typing a few keys on his laptop, turning back to the papers and raising his pencil to write when the communicator taken from the jeep crackles, causing him to look up sharply and turn some knobs, entering a pass code on a small number pad* Marco.

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